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Supporting The Lions Tournament is
Good Citizenship and Good Business.

Good Citizenship

If you grew up in America, you probably played baseball-if not on a team, then in pick-up games, or on Sunday picnics or at summer camp. And when you did, you learned much more than just how to hit and pitch and slide. You learned discipline and teamwork, how to win and how to lose.

Today's high school kids need these lessons more than ever. But high school baseball has a money problem. Unlike football and basketball, regular league games don't draw big crowds. Gate revenues are small, while the cost of outfitting teams and maintaining fields keeps going up.

The Lions Tournament is committed to high school baseball, and every dollar raised over expenses will be passed on to participating schools for equipment, uniforms and field maintenance. As a sponsor or advertiser, you help keep high school baseball healthy and help our kids learn lessons they'll use all their lives.

Good Business

If you market a product or service for baseball players or coaches.
If your market includes teen-agers, parents or teachers.
If you need to reach collectors of baseball cards or memorabilia.
Then it makes sense to sponsor the Lions Tournament or advertise in the Program.

This year's tournament features:

Where else can you reach so many of your potential customers at one time- and so cost-effectively?

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